On February 14th and 15th youth from the Greater Manchester Region and their advisors gathered at MPAL for a Youth Leadership Training put on by CADCA. This training was conducted in collaboration with DEA Operation Engage and Makin’ It Happen. Students from Students from Central, Memorial and West High Schools, Manchester School of Technology, Goffstown High, Trinity high and Derryfield School attended.

CADCA’s Youth Leadership Training supports youth in developing critical thinking skills. During the February training National CADCA trainers Rebekah and Nigel provided information and tools to help these young leaders achieve community-level change in their hometowns and schools. The students worked in groups with other schoolmates to strategize ways to implement change in their community. Using the Strategic Prevention Framework these youth created logic models and plans to decrease vaping in youth and decrease violence in their schools. 

Tracy Bachert, Community Impact Coordinator from Makin’ Happen said, “We had young adults from all walks of life at this training. They came together and identified mutual concerns that affected all of them.” Tracy goes on to describe how impactful it was for all the staff to see the students’ bond despite preconceived notions. “Organizations like [Makin’ It Happen] are essential in providing these tools and guiding youth to achieve solutions in lasting change.”  

Makin’ It Happen was excited to train and empower students to take youth-led civic action in their communities. Over the next year, Tracy Bachert will continue to engage these new cohorts in implementing their strategies in their school and the community.  

Makin’ It Happen would like to personally thank Stacy Harrison from Stacy Harrison Freelance for providing these photos from the training.

By Ashley Bachert and Jane Skantze March 8, 2023

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