This Community Compass guide was developed to help you find the information you need – what you should know and resources – to stay healthy, and to prevent, treat, and recover from substance use disorder.

Balanced Health Essential to Thrive

Behavioral and physical health are essential for a balanced, healthy life. Behavioral health refers to your mental fitness – practicing self-care and self-awareness is important, and connecting with a mental health professional to assess and identify mental health concerns and make a wellness plan supports mental balance. Physical health refers to your physical health – eating healthy, staying active, and maintaining your health with a health provider supports healthy living.


Everyone Can Play a Role in Prevention

Prevention creates healthy individuals, schools, workplaces, and communities. It promotes healthy behaviors and lifestyles, helping people develop the knowledge, attitudes, and skills to make positive choices or change harmful behaviors. Prevention also includes creating safe
communities and neighborhoods where we can live, work, grow, and play. Everyone plays a role in in the development of educated, informed, and healthy communities. Won’t you join us?


Treatment is Not One Size Fits All!

Treatment is effective! While it may take many forms, including individual and group counseling, inpatient and residential treatment, medication, and 12-step programs, treatment works. The first step to accessing treatment is getting an assessment from your primary care provider or other medical or substance misuse disorder professional. Treatment is effective and people recover and go on to lead healthy and happy lives.


Recovery Ready Communities Designed to Support Your Journey

Millions of your peers have found a path to recovery, which shows that recovery is possible. Recovery addresses the whole person and is supported by peers, friends, family members, and the health care community. While the process of recovery is different for everyone, it is vitally important that you find a supportive community and stay connected. People recover, and you or your loved one can, too.


This guide covers the Greater Manchester Region and is broken down into four categories: 

  • Behavioral and Physical Health Are Essential: Learn more about mental health and wellness (behavioral health) and healthy eating and active living (physical health).
  • Prevention Works: Prevention efforts are offered in three levels, and include supplying services to eliminate the onset of the disease (primary prevention), providing early intervention through screening and treatment (secondary prevention), and delivering treatments that reduce symptoms and improve quality of life (tertiary prevention). These practices create healthy individuals, schools, workplaces, and communities.
  • Treatment is Effective:  Treatment takes many forms, and can happen both on-site and online. 
  • People Recover: Join millions of your peers who have found a path to recovery.

Click on the categories to learn more about your topic of interest. Find out more about the work that Makin’ It Happen is doing in these areas.

The Community Compass is a product of the Makin’ It Happen Coalition for Resilient Youth, Inc. in collaboration with our continuum of care partners.


The information provided in this guide is for informational purposes only and is not an endorsement of any organization or service. While we will make every effort to keep the information up to date and correct, we make no representations or warranties of any kind, expressed or implied, about the complete- ness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability of any of the organizations or providers listed herein or the information, products, services or related graphics contained in the guide for any purpose.