Treatment Is Effective

Treatment is effective and people recover and go on to lead healthy and happy lives.

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The first step to finding the appropriate level of treatment is an assessment by a medical or substance use disorder professional.



Treatment is highly personal and occurs via many pathways. Treatments and supportive services for substance use disorders should be tailored to fit individual needs. For many people, the most effective approach often involves a combination of counseling and medication. Some forms of treatment are tailored for specific populations such as youth or veterans.


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464 Chestnut Street Manchester, NH 03105


6 Manor Parkway Salem, NH 03079


660 Chestnut Street Manchester, NH 03104


218 East Road Hampstead, NH, 03841


100 William Loeb Drive, Unit 3, Manchester, NH 03109


23 Stiles Road, Suite 108 Salem, NH 03079


391 Main Street, Danville, NH, 03819


848 Elm Street, Suite 302 Manchester, NH 03101


Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT)
SBIRT is an evidence-based, integrated, public health approach to the delivery of early intervention and treatment services for persons with
substance use disorder, as well as those who are at risk of developing substance use disorder. SBIRT requires screening of every patient for
potential alcohol or other drug problems and a response which reinforces non-harmful use, educates about the impact of substance misuse
on overall health and safety, and supports patients with problematic use in accessing further assessment, diagnosis, and treatment. New
Hampshire has several initiatives in place to expand SBIRT in Primary Care settings and Community Health Centers.

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