The second W.O.W. event of the summer is in the books! On June 29th, 2023, 32 community partners gathered at Brookside Church bringing wellness services and information directly to the Greater Manchester Community. Makin’ It Happen is leading the coordination and logistics in partnership with Amoskeag Health to bring this partner sponsored, community focused event to Manchester. This mobile approach ensured that people from all areas of the city could participate, regardless of their schedules or transportation limitations. 

Similar to the last event, completed passports were entered into a raffle, with the winner receiving a gift basket. Despite rescheduling due to weather conditions, the event still had new additions, such as Princess Elsa and Spiderman from The Party Palace. 

One of the highlights of the Wellness on Wheels event was the presence of skilled wellness professionals and experts. They offered personalized consultations and guidance, addressing individual concerns and providing actionable steps for improvement. From the Department of Health and Human Services, Amoskeag Health, Wellsense, NH Legal Assistance, Health Market Connect, CMC, and Elliot Hospital, attendees had access to a diverse range of specialists eager to support. Moreover, various informational booths provided resources and literature to help participants with continued support beyond the event. 

The W.O.W. event brought a wave of positive energy and well-being to Manchester, NH. By taking these services directly to the community, it eliminated barriers and empowered individuals to prioritize their health. Through a wide range of activities, expert guidance, and community collaboration, the event shared prevention and safety resources. Makin’ It Happen would like to take this time to thank our volunteers from Youth Leadership, the Sudanese Community, and Hope For Recovery.

Mark your calendars for the next Wellness on Wheels event which will be held in collaboration with National Night Out on August 1st, at Beech Street School. The event will run from 5-8pm.

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Written by Ashley Bachert | Community Impact Communications Coordinator | July 11th, 2023