Senior Salute: Ella Lawson

by | Jun 13, 2022 | Happening Now, Manchester, Prevention | 0 comments

Congratulations to Ella Lawson on graduating from Memorial High School!!!! Ella has been a dedicated member of empowerYOUTH since the 8th grade.  We are excited to see what the future has in store for Ella because we know she will be doing amazing things! Here is an interview we did with Ella regarding her experiences with empowerYOUTH and plans. Thank you Ella for all you have contributed!   

What made you take part in empowerYOUTH? 

I had seen the group of girls in a grade above me who went on this big trip to Atlanta, and I wanted to be a part of that kind of group who had those kinds or opportunities.  

What has been your best experience or favorite memory as an empowerYOUTH member? 

 My favorite part of being in Makin’ It Happen has been the podcast. We have gotten to record with so many outstanding people who I may have never gotten to to talk to these subjects about.  

Would you recommend empowerYOUTH to your younger peers? 

 I of course would recommend empowerYOUTH to younger peers, specifically those in Manchester where this type of learning is so useful. I have learned so much and I think this group gives opportunities to learn things that you can’t learn in school.       

What are your imparting words of wisdom? 

Take the opportunity when given. Don’t wait for something else to come because looking back I wish I had done more. Don’t let it slip by while you have the time now.          

How do you wish to be remembered for the work that you did- your legacy? 

 I hope to be remembered for my hard work. I know that my name may not be plastered on every wall but at least something I have done such as the podcast can give people a sense of the type of person I was and am. I hope that other youth can learn from me and from all I have done in the program.  

What would you change or recommend for the program? 

I wish the program met on a regular basis like most clubs do. This could create more structure and community and I think the youth could really benefit from this.  

What are your plans post-high school? 

 In the fall I will be attending Umass Lowell for Applied Biomedical Sciences with a concentration in clinical sciences. I hope to work in a lab focused in cellular biology.         

Who were the people that influenced you so far? 

My mom is a really big role model in my life. She has shown me how important it is to stay level-headed and hardworking. She has shown me so much and she is just such a great mom.   

Is there a memory you can share with us of another empowerYOUTH member that makes you happy to remember either because it was funny, inspirational etc 

I remember when we all first joined the program we went to this huge conference in Concord (Youth Summit?) and I felt like the people there had so many inspiring words. I remember leaving with Emma and just feeling so much smarter because I had learned so much from this room of such informed individuals, most being my peers. It really showed me that you can be any age and still be able to share words of wisdom with rose around you who are willing to listen.