Makin’ It Happen Welcomes Intern Isabelle to Team

by | Jul 23, 2021 | Happening Now, Manchester, Recovery | 0 comments

We are so excited to welcome Isabelle Strandson on to the Makin’ It Happen team as a Summer Intern!  Isabelle is from Manchester and is a current Pre-Med student at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut.

Isabelle is a 2020 graduate of Manchester Memorial High School. She was active in the Palace Theater, volleyball, and Student Council during her high school years. She was motivated to attend Quinnipiac because of her desire to become a physician.

Isabelle is home for the Summer and really enjoys being back. Isabelle loves the culture of Manchester saying that ‘it’s the only place in New Hampshire with such a variety of different cultures and ethnicities”. “I love the diversity of Manchester because it fosters a stronger environment for youth as well as adults”.  We are glad she is back for the summer interning with us!

Isabelle decided to intern with Makin’ It Happen because over the past school year her interest in public health issues has grown. Isabelle’s professors have taught her about the impact of the social determinants of health and how people seek health care. Her school offers a Global Public Health Minor which Isabelle hopes will help her find a career that involves public health and medicine. 

Isabelle decided to come onboard with MIH because she “loves the outlook MIH has on health in that we should be looking at all medical conditions in the same light”. For example, the medical community should aim to treat mental health issues in the same way as they would diabetes or heart disease. Isabelle went on to explain that “learning about harm reduction has been really important because it’s so essential to destigmatize the topic”. Isabelle hopes to bring this approach to her practice as a physician one day.  

Isabelle’s hope for the future is that “we achieve a community where there is no stigma with mental health or substance use issues. She hopes one day our health care system fully supports all people with appropriate health care access. Isabelle “would like to see a community where people have easy access to health care and less stigma”.

Isabelle would recommend that anyone interested in creating change through public health should check out Makin’ It Happen. If you or someone you know is interested in interning with Makin’ It Happen reach out by emailing [email protected].