Welcome to the team, Kayt!

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Makin’ It Happen is pleased to extend a warm welcome to Kayt Gagneux, who joins our team in the capacity of Resiliency Essentials Director. Kayt boasts three years of experience in the Mental Health field, her most recent position being in Portsmouth, NH, where she worked at an agency dedicated to assisting at-risk youth within the justice system. 

Upon discovering Makin’ It Happen, Kayt found a deep resonance with our organization’s three pillars of resiliency, recovery, and prevention. She expressed her enthusiasm, remarking, “It’s truly remarkable to witness the convergence of these vital aspects, particularly when focusing on the youth demographic.” Kayt further emphasizes the burgeoning prominence of mental health concerns in the United States over recent years and believes that addressing these issues can be achieved more effectively through a concentrated effort on solutions, preventative measures, and the cultivation of resilience.

Kayt also appreciates Makin’ It Happen’s unwavering commitment to youth resiliency, stating, “It is imperative to acknowledge that there are certain exposures that we cannot shield children from.”

In her initial projects at Makin’ It Happen, Kayt is determined to enhance our resiliency program by developing pertinent training modules for our partners. Throughout her tenure with Makin’ It Happen, she aspires to ensure that an extensive array of community members and partners across the city and state have access to the invaluable resources and training opportunities we offer.

Kayt Gagneux’s arrival at Makin’ It Happen signifies a significant step forward in our mission to bolster resilience in the community. We eagerly anticipate the positive impact her expertise and dedication will bring to our organization and the broader community.

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Written by Ashley Bachert | Community Impact Communications Coordinator | 09/10/2023