Welcome to the Team, Ashley!

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In February of 2023, Makin’ It Happen welcomed Ashley Bachert to the team as the Community Impact Communications Coordinator. Ms. Bachert oversees the content development and coordination of marketing and print pertaining to the company, as well as the continued development of Makin’ It Happen’s’ social media.

Ashley began volunteering with Makin’ It Happen in the 603 (Makin’ It Happen’s’ Youth Leadership coalition) at 13 years old. Ashley states that her motivation came from witnessing her community’s struggle with the Opioid Crisis, losing friends and family. “I am thrilled to continue my involvement with Makin’ It Happen, leveraging my prior experience and fresh perspective as a recent graduate.” Ashley goes on to say that she’s passionate about substance abuse prevention, but believes in all-encompassing mental health care. “[it was] the reason I involved myself in public health, but I have come to recognize that addressing the escalating opioid crisis necessitates early intervention within the younger generations.” Makin’ It Happen plays a critical role in prevention by striving to enhance accessibility to wellness practices, including mental health services, in the community, which was why she gravitated to the company. Ms. Bachert wants to utilize the social media platform to engage more youth in the Greater Manchester Region and raise awareness about the city’s ongoing efforts to combat the mental health crisis.