has Launched!

by | May 30, 2018 | Makin ’It Happen Together | 0 comments

We are thrilled that the website,, is now available as a resource of vetted recovery services for the people of NH!

“The goal of the New Hampshire Recovery Hub is to offer New Hampshire residents a reliable source of information and resources at any stage of their recovery journey. This is a project by New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services, Bureau of Drug and Alcohol ServicesThe Partnership for a Drug-Free New Hampshire, and Statewide Peer Recovery Services Facilitating Organization at Harbor Homes, Inc.

New Hampshire’s vibrant peer recovery support services are flourishing across the state. The state’s recovery community is building bridges and saving lives. Recovery coaches are helping people who have precious few resources available to them, day in and day out. Recovery community centers are valuable meeting places and offer a variety of wellness activities. Substance use disorders (SUDs) are highly preventable and treatable, and the state is implementing a comprehensive and lasting response to address this epidemic.”

What an incredible resource! Kudos to everyone who has worked so hard to get this website launched!