Rally at the State House for #MedEx!

by | May 2, 2018 | Makin ’It Happen Together | 0 comments

The sun was shining, the air felt delightfully like the “real” Spring we’ve all been dreaming of — today was a beautiful morning for a Rally on the State House Lawn in Concord. Hundreds came out today to urge to vote to expand #SB313. This bill would provide vital healthcare coverage to over 52,000 Granite Staters. Medicaid strengthens our workforce and is pivotal to combating the opioid epidemic through better access for drug treatment services.

The crowd was passionate and people from all over the state, young and older, came out in full force to rally for Medicaid Expansion. It was clear that this bill is extremely important to so many NH citizens. Voices were HEARD!

There were many important bills discussed today and a vote has not yet been taken due to running out of time in the Representatives’ very busy schedule. They will vote on this important bill tomorrow, 5/3. STAY TUNED!!!

JOYFUL UPDATE!!!! It Passed!

Thank you for passing and ensuring that 50K+ Granite Staters will continue to have access to including treatment for substance use disorders!