Makin It Happen’s Resiliency Team In Action!

by | Jan 22, 2024 | Featured, Resiliency Essentials, They Made It Happen | 0 comments

Makin It Happen’s Resiliency Team members, Janelle and Kayt, had the privilege of leading 2 training sessions for New Hampshire Coalition of Recovery Residences (NH CORR)! Throughout both trainings in December and January, 35 total attendees from 603 Sober Living, Into Action Sober Living, and HOME Sober Living house leaders took part in Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training at HOPE for NH Recovery and Elliot at Rivers Edge Conference Room. MHFA focuses on providing skills to identify and respond to signs of mental heath and substance use challenges.

Participants were extremely engaged in the curriculum during the entire day, with Janelle and Kayt noting that many expressed how beneficial this training will be going forward. In addition, Executive Director of NH CORR, Kim Bock, communicated there was an outpouring of positive response from attendants and that she feels all organizations should take part in this training. She highlighted how some have already been able to implement the skills into their lives in important circumstances.

A special thank you to NH CORR for all the support they have shown, including providing food for thought with the inclusion of breakfast and lunch coordinated by Alexis and Kim. All that was done to make this training successful is greatly appreciated!

NH CORR is planning for future trainings with Makin’ It Happen’s Resiliency Essentials team! We are so excited to continue our collaboration along with our goal to train more sober house leaders in the Greater Manchester area on MHFA.

 If your organization could benefit from MHFA training or if you know of an organization that may benefit, please email [email protected] !