Makin’ It Happen Team Takes On Project Safeguard!

by | Mar 29, 2024 | Auburn, Featured, Makin’ It Happen in the 603, Resiliency Essentials | 0 comments

Last week, The Makin’ It Happen team had the honor of presenting at Auburn Village School’s Project Safeguard! Project Safeguard is a day for 7th graders and their parents to participate in elective workshops to better prepare them for transitioning from middle school to high school. In partnership, Makin’ It Happen’s, Tracy Bachert, was ecstatic to reach out to some of our partners who were features presenters at the event, such as keynote speaker, Julie Yerks from The Partnership @drugfreeNH, who spoke about the multifaceted aspects of social media!

Team members Ashley and Kay lead two sessions titled, “Vaping Unveiled” to students, which focused on instilling in them the information they need to make the best decisions for themselves and their health. The presentation included overall risks, facts about nicotine and vaping, marketing tactics companies use to entice young people, and teaching students to understand their “reasons why” for saying no to vaping! Team members Kayt and Janelle presented, “Over the Counter Medication,” to two sessions of students and parents. The presentation focused on educating participants on how to identify correct usage of medicines, safe storage, proper disposal of medications using DeTerra Bags, and more!

We are elated to have received such positive feedback on both presentations and look forward to more opportunities like this in the future! If you would like to take part in future trainings that Makin’ It Happen offers, please visit our Resiliency Essentials page: !