Makin’ Collaboration Happen Together: Manchester Youth Wellness & Prevention Collaborative Kickoff Meeting

by | Feb 20, 2024 | Happening Now | 0 comments

On February 20th, 2024, Amoskeag Health, alongside the Manchester Office of Youth Services and Makin’ It Happen, proudly launched the Manchester Youth Wellness & Prevention Collaborative. This innovative initiative harnesses data-driven insights to pinpoint key priorities aimed at preventing substance misuse and fostering mental well-being among Manchester’s youth.

Targeting the age group of 8 to 18-year-olds, the collaborative zeroes in on identifying and addressing gaps in wellness promotion and substance-use prevention within the city. Through a concerted effort, the initiative will roll out new programs and strategies to fill these vital gaps.

Already, over 80 youth-focused organizations have partnered with Makin’ It Happen to contribute to this crucial endeavor. At the kickoff meeting, representatives from 32 such organizations came together to kick off this collaborative effort.

During the gathering, Emily Carrara of Amoskeag Health outlined the grant funding the collaborative and articulated its long-term goals beyond the initial five-year period. Stressing the importance of communication, engagement, and passion, Carrara emphasized the significance of each participant’s voice, stating, “Your voice needs to be at the table – we want to give you the space to be heard.” The core aim is to prioritize frontline workers, ensuring that those directly engaged with the community have a prominent role in shaping the initiative’s direction. Following the meeting, attendees were encouraged to network and exchange ideas with other participating organizations. Makin’ It Happen facilitated the process by providing a platform for members to suggest additional partners to be included in the collaboration.

Makin’ It Happen extends its gratitude to the collaboratives’ leadership team members, including Stephanie, Stacy, Heather, Emily, and Michael Quigley from the Manchester Office of Youth Services, for their dedication and collaboration on this vital initiative.

If you are part of a Manchester youth-serving organization or business and would like to be involved, please reach out to Ashley Bachert at [email protected] to learn more.