Hillsborough-North SIM Workshop Provides A Roadmap For The Future!

by | Apr 4, 2024 | Featured, Recovery Ready Community | 0 comments

Due to the success of Hillsborough County-Northern Judicial District Sequential Intercept Model Mapping Workshop (SIM), results from the collaboration of participants from law enforcement, courts, public health nonprofit organizations, and healthcare providers have been instrumental. The outcomes provide a framework for future efforts in improving situations for those within the criminal justice system experiencing mental health or substance use disorders. The findings from the SIM will extend the objectives of The Elliot’s project, Center for Recovery Management at Manchester, which aims to help incarcerated people who struggle with substance use disorder by providing the opportunity to acquire Medically Assisted Treatment before release to aid in their transition back into society. Makin’ It Happen is proud to be a key partner on this crucial project in helping people receive the assistance they would not otherwise have access to and are elated to have collaborated in the organization of the launch of the first SIM workshop! The overall focus of this workshop was to identify gaps between those who possess a mental illness or substance use disorder and the justice system to create movement towards action to better serve and medically treat incarcerated individuals before release.

As a result of the focus groups, key action plan items include:

  • Addressing housing security and options for those battling mental illness and/or substance use disorder.
  • Constructing a pretrial diversion program within Hillsborough County-North’s judicial system, which will allow for individuals with mental health or substance use disorders to be placed into programs of assistance, rather than incarceration.
  • Working with those who aspire to pass legislation to establish a commission to study and evaluate a defendant’s level of competence. Once the legislation is passed, partnership with the study commission will be instilled.
  • Production of a Collaborative Community Response Round Table for Hillsborough County-North that will provide education to the community about the benefits of recovery housing.

In partnership with The Elliot, key stakeholders include the University of New Hampshire’s Institute for Health Policy and Practice, as well as Makin’ It Happen. Our Executive Director, Mary Forsythe-Taber, provided important insight, as “the Sequential Intercept Mapping workshop to Hillsborough North has jump started our commitment to coordinate and improve our efforts in support of justice-involved individuals with serious mental health and/or substance use disorder. The SIM workshop report creates a blueprint that will bolster our collective efforts.” In addition, the inspiriting support of Mayor Jay Ruais in the jumpstart of these crucial societal adjustments has been paramount. Mayor Ruais explains how these efforts target breaking “the cycle of addiction and mental health crisis that creates a revolving door from our prisons to our streets. This effort will undoubtedly improve outcomes and make a dramatic difference for those in need of housing and other supports.”

Collaborations like these display the true power of community and we are so honored to be a partner of the , Center for Recovery Management at Manchester. Stay tuned for more information and outcomes from SIM workshops that will take place throughout the year!

To read our blog about the happenings of the Hillsborough County-Northern Judicial District Sequential Intercept Model Mapping Workshop click here: https://makinithappen.org/sequential-intercept-model-mapping-success/