Congratulations to our 8th Grade empowerYOUTH! Members

by | Jun 14, 2018 | Makin ’It Happen Together | 0 comments

Presenting our 8th grade empowerYOUTH! members! These 8th graders will be high school empowerYOUTH! reps in the fall and received Makin’ It Happen gold pins for their commitment to their work with the empowerYOUTH! group this year.

This is an exciting milestone for Makin’ It Happen and our empowerYOUTH! leaders. The sky’s the limit to the awesome initiatives and work they will be doing as part of empowerYOUTH! throughout their high school years and we are looking forward to working with them, their advisors, and the creativity and passion that they will bring to their Greater Manchester area high schools, empowering their peers to make healthy choices and preventing the use of youth using alcohol and other drugs.

Congratulations to Emma Fuller, Mackenzie Powell, Gabriella Rice, Bella Falite, Claire Lawson, Ella Lawson, Caroline Makara and Sarah Grudzien. KUDOS and have a wonderful summer!