Community Impact Team In Action at Celebrate Ed! 

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This Saturday, our Community Impact Team, Mary, Tracy, and Kay attended the third annual CelebrateED at Veteran’s Memorial Park. This event celebrates all public schools and community within Manchester, with performances from students and awards recognizing achievements. Nevertheless, the event extended much further than Manchester, with some students who attended from neighboring cities and all the way from Massachusetts!  Among the scheduled events of the day were many community organizations that aimed to disseminate information about their causes that support children’s well-being and futures.  

We had an incredible time engaging students to celebrate their schools through an activity to identify someone in their school that makes them feel safe! It is so important for all children to have someone they feel secure with at school to foster a beneficial learning environment and promote mental health by having someone they can confide in. 

We would like to give a special thank you to our partners Manchester Proud and Manchester School District who coordinated the event for inviting us to partake in this important initiative! As this was our first CelebrateED, we look forward to attending in the future, as well as other events in our community. If you would like more information about Makin’ It Happen, please email: [email protected].