Celebrating The Launch Of Our Listen And Learn Sessions!

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Makin’ It Happen is excited to share an update of our recent Listen and Learn Sessions last Tuesday, March 12 at the Hooksett Library! Our Listen and Learn series is part of our newly acquired Resiliency Essentials Expansion SAMHSA Grant and New Hampshire Abatement Funding Grant that is focused on sustaining and building upon the resiliency within the Greater Manchester Region. With the Listen and Learn sessions, while we educate community members about the important prevention resources that are available to them, both through Makin’ It Happen and statewide (988, The Doorway, Strong As Granite), it is also an opportunity for US to listen and learn about what each community would like to see in terms of prevention!

Makin’ It Happen Team At The Hooksett Listen And Learn
Participants At The Hooksett Listen And Learn

Hooksett community members demonstrated how important these sessions are through meaningful conversation about the protective factors Hooksett possesses that are beneficial to its residents, and what risk factors are present and are areas where further prevention could be instilled. Along with participants being residents of Hooksett, some were representatives from the Hooksett Library, Kiwanis International, Lions Club, parents, and educators. The insightful discussion has opened new avenues for ways Makin’ It Happen can help to build resilience within the community and we cannot wait to go back!

Participant Identified Protective Factors Within Hooksett
Participant Identified Risk Factors Within Hooksett

If you were unable to attend this Listen and Learn session and want to know when we will be in Hooksett next or if you would like to learn more about when we are coming to your city, please follow our social media pages either by pressing the icons associated with the social media platform you would like to interact with us on, or here: https://linktr.ee/makinithappengm !