Binge-Free 603

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21- 26 year-olds! A new social media campaign is being launched in NH. We hope you will add to it as the campaign grows. What’s your reason?


Binge-Free 603 is about drinking moderately and responsibly. It’s about not going overboard by taking steps to monitor what goes into your body so you don’t end up disappointing yourself or screwing up something you care about. What’s your reason NH?
We heard from hundreds of New Hampshire young adults with their reasons why they chose not to binge drink. Binge-Free 603 asks everyone to share the reasons they have for not going overboard when they have alcohol. What’s your reason?

Binge-Free 603 is not an abstinence-based community; it is about drinking responsibly and legally. 
Only posts that are productive to the conversation, respectful and safe will be allowed on this page.Binge-Free 603 is an initiative of New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services.

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