Welcome Staff Member Brian Mooney as Makin’ it Happen’s New Community of Care Manager!

by | Sep 16, 2019 | Makin ’It Happen Together

Brian Mooney is the Community of Care Manager and Lead on the Recovery Friendly Workplace initiative for Makin’ it Happen, the Greater Manchester Regional Public Health Network provider. Prior to his current position he was the Executive Director of Hope for NH Recovery, a network of Community Recovery Organizations serving the State of New Hampshire. Mooney has a background in hospital financial management, healthcare analytics, and healthcare reimbursement systems. He holds a bachelors in Health Management and Policy and a Master’s degree in Health Administration, both from The University of New Hampshire, Durham. Prior to his employment at Hope, he was employed by Partners Healthcare in Boston and more recently Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems. He is a USAF Veteran (Medic/Firefighter), and served during the Gulf War in the Pacific (Guam/ Japan/Korea), Europe, and throughout the continental United States.