Outdoor Pride, a Local Snow and Outdoor Management Company, becomes a Recovery Friendly Workplace

by | Sep 22, 2020 | Makin ’It Happen Together, Recovery, Recovery Ready Community

Outdoor Pride received Recovery Friendly Workplace designation on September 14th, 2020.   Receiving a Recovery Friendly designation is a component of Makin’ It Happen’s Recovery Ready Community initiative.

Our Recovery Ready Community model is rooted in data, is one that promotes employer support, wellness and health of employees affected by mental illness, alcohol and other drugs in the workforce. The model integrates healthcare, employment, the criminal justice system, housing, education and harm reduction programs to tackle these issues on all fronts.

Outdoor Pride is a perfect partner for becoming a Recovery Ready Workplace.  The mission of Outdoor Pride “is to simplify landscape and snow management for each of our customers…to accomplish this, we strive to become the single, comprehensive point of contact for these services”.  Outdoor Pride has a long-standing reputation of providing excellent services to customers in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Not only is Outdoor Pride great at what they do, they are also very community minded. They donate both time and money to amazing causes which you can read about on their website https://outdoorpride.com/company/community .

This community focus is what led them to becoming a Recovery Friendly Workplace.  Outdoor Pride understands that employees and their family members affected by mental illness and/or substance use disorder (SUD) should have universal access to quality, effective Prevention, Intervention, Treatment and Recovery programs across the continuum to achieve and sustain recovery, health, wellness and connectivity to their workplace and community.

Community of Care Manager Brian Mooney explains: “Outdoor Pride has a tradition of providing an inclusive team environment that supports all employees and provides upward mobility for all of their team members.  High potential, high performing members of the Outdoor Pride workforce are recognized with opportunities for continued success.  Supporting their workforce in their professional lives and their personal lives makes this work.”

Makin’ It Happen looks forward to continued partnership with Outdoor Pride in our Recovery Ready Initiative.  We hope to collaborate with Outdoor Pride in order to address employee policies, practices, and stigma reduction for people affected by mental illness, alcohol and other drugs.