#NPW2020 Popcorn and Movie Night

by | May 12, 2020 | Makin ’It Happen Together

Today’s theme for SAMHSA’s National Prevention Week is Preventing Underage Drinking and Alcohol Misuse.   In order to recognize this theme we have a movie recommendation!  So grab your popcorn and queue up Netflix. 

Netflix just premiered the film Cracked Up: the Daryl Hammond Story.   Daryl Hammond is the beloved Saturday Night Live star known for his impressions of Bill Clinton and Sean Connery.  What you may not know about Hammond is that he is a survivor of childhood trauma.   

According to the Cracked Up website “behind the scenes, Darrell suffered from debilitating flashbacks, self-injury, addiction and misdiagnosis, until the right doctor isolated the key to unlocking the memories his brain kept locked away for over 50 years”.

In the movie Darrell shows that great healing can come from ending the silence and shame around trauma.  This is a must see for anyone that works in the field of substance misuse prevention, intervention, treatment, and recovery! 

“When people are behaving in apparently self-destructive ways, it’s time to stop asking what’s wrong with them, and time to start asking what happened to them.” – Dr. Robert Anda and Dr. Vincent Felitti, Founders of the Adverse Childhood Experience Study

Caution: We do not recommend this film for young children.  There are references to sensitive subjects such as child abuse, trauma, substance use disorder and more.  We do recommend having an open conversation with your older children before and after screening.  Please follow this link for some helpful resources regarding the film https://www.crackedupmovie.com/resource-center.