Makin’ It Happen Premieres our New Prevention Video in Honor of National Prevention Week!

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The Makin’ It Happen team got together a few months ago to discuss the emerging methamphetamine issues that are occurring in New Hampshire and throughout the United States.  We talked about how those of us that work along the continuum of care are often in triage mode as the next crisis emerges rather than looking upstream in order to build resiliency.  As preventionists we recognize that primary prevention during childhood and adolescence does not look much different from substance to substance.  What primary prevention looks like is supporting protective factors at the individual, family, community, and societal levels while mitigating risk factors. Building resilience means we work together to build protective factors in the lives of youth.  We attempted to capture these sentiments in a video. We hope you enjoy it!   

Prevention from Makin’ It Happen on Vimeo.