Makin’ It Happen Launches New Youth Resource Card Focused on Crisis and Suicide Prevention Resources

by | Jan 13, 2021 | Makin ’It Happen Together, Resiliency Essentials

Makin’ It Happen has created a resource card for youth in our region that is geared towards providing information and support to those experiencing a mental health crisis.   

The cards were created as part of Makin’ It Happen’s new Resiliency Essentials Initiative.  Recently, our Resiliency Essentials Initiative rollout has been bolstered through funding received through the 2020 Cares Act.  This funding has allowed us to create these cards as a timely response to a need voiced by our young people.

Resiliency is the ability to recover quickly during stressful times, and essentials are activities that are so important you need to do them on a regular basis. At Makin’ It Happen, (MIH) we are working with our partners in the community to promote Resiliency Essential programming focused on prevention and mental health wellness.

Resilience Essentials Coordinator, Deb Baird had this to say about the resource cards.  “This is an excellent and accessible resource to have. Youth can keep it with them in case of a mental health crisis.” 

The youth-focused resource card is a wallet sized card that includes hotlines, websites, apps and more to support individuals that may be looking for suicide prevention resources, are struggling with mental health issues, or are in crisis.  If you would like to request cards for the youth you work with please reach out to Deb Baird at [email protected]

The goal of our Resiliency Essentials Initiative is to ensure continued support and programming for our partners, and communities within the Greater Manchester region. In 2021 our programming has been designed to engage, educate and empower individuals, families and communities,  with a goal of building stronger, safer and resilient communities.  

Check back often to learn more about this new and exciting initiative. 

We have included all of the resources below for you to check out: 

Crisis and Suicide Prevention Resources