Virtual Reality Presentation 

We are excited to announce that Makin’ It Happen is hosting a discussion and virtual reality demonstration on how how to save a life by reversing an opioid overdose. We hope that you will find the time to join us for this unique virtual event and learn how local agencies are collaborating to combat the opioid epidemic in our community.

Wal-Mart has developed a virtual reality tool to deliver a powerful experiential element to naloxone and overdose prevention trainings. Makin’ It Happen, the Community Anti-Drug Coalition of America, and Wal-Mart have partnered to bring key insights from local community leaders directly to community members with this brief one-hour webinar event. As many communities face escalating overdose rates, it has never been more important to know how to save a life.

All are welcome, please spread the word about the event!

August 25th, 2022

@ 6:00 pm

Event Link: