In Case You Missed It—-I’m Ok, Are You Ok with Code 3 and RALI NH on May 20th

by | Jun 24, 2020 | Makin ’It Happen Together, Resiliency Essentials

Joseph Abdalla, Executive Director of Code 3 is a 30+ year veteran of law enforcement, with a specific background in drug prevention. He joined Code 3 to bridge the gap between law enforcement and local residents after he and his colleagues realized some of the common signs they would find at an overdose fatality were common and that knowledge could help parents. In short, they aim to connect the policing community with the residents they serve, especially parents of teenagers.

We worked with Rx Abuse Leadership Initiative of New Hampshire to schedule Joe on our weekly online forum to provide an informative walkthrough of the newly launched RALI CARES Virtual Trailer Tour.

Along with Joe, New Hampshire Senate President Donna Soucy joined the virtual online educational event which focused on the early warning signs of potential teen and adult substance misuse and addiction.

We asked Joe to describe the virtual tour, Joe said “RALI CARES is an educational program about the hidden warning signs of substance misuse developed by RALI and Code 3. The original program features a trailer outfitted to look like a typical teenager bedroom in which former law enforcement professionals pointed out red flags of substance misuse based on their years of experience.”

Joe went on to mention the physical trailer tour that visited the state last year, “the incredible success and outpouring of community support we received during the educational tour that originally visited several locations in New Hampshire early last year really made us at Code 3 excited to introduce the new virtual platform back here in the Granite State.” Joe continued, “we are thankful for all the wonderful community leaders and RALI partners we’ve worked with across the country, and many right here in New Hampshire, so I’d like to personally thank Makin’ It Happen for giving me the opportunity to present the virtual tour.”

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