Senior Salutes: Liv B. from Goffstown High School

by | Jun 3, 2020 | Makin ’It Happen Together, Makin’ It Happen in the 603, Prevention

Olivia  B. (Liv)  is a graduating senior from Goffstown High School.  She joined EmpowerYOUTH, an initiative of Makin’ It Happen, as a Freshman

She got involved with EmpowerYOUTH because she has “always liked to be involved” and “when I heard about Empower Youth, I knew that I was a part of 5 clubs so I figured I could add some good insight into the meetings”.

Her best experience with EmpowerYOUTH has been “meeting new people not only at Goffstown High School but in the Goffstown community that could really make a difference in our community”.

She would absolutely recommend EmpowerYOUTH to her peers.  

When asked what her imparting words were she said: “I don’t want to have parting words! I just want to say that I have enjoyed every minute of this experience and say a special thank you to Dian McCarthy for being like another mom to me at school”.

As far as her legacy, Liv just wants “to set a good example for years to come to remember to help people when they need it”.

Liv will be moving to Charleston, South Carolina to work for a year and then will attend Coastal Carolina University afterwards.

We asked Liv who the most influential people in her school years have been.  She said “Dian McCarthy and John Webb have been amazing resources to have all through my high school years”.

John Webb, Liv’s Counselor from Goffstown High School had this to say about her:

“There is a very good reason why I commute an hour and a half every day to Goffstown High from my home on the seacoast, it’s the people like Olivia Brennan! It’s the culture, it’s the joy I get seeing her every morning, hauling in much needed healthy snacks for needy students, always with a genuine smile on her face, happy to see me, and I know I’ve made a meaningful connection with her.

 It allows the counselors like me to empower students like Olivia, to look for and provide opportunities for personal growth, to encourage her to be your best self, to push your comfortable limits, and to truly acknowledge and validate the awesomeness inside you! 

 Empowered and encourage kids like Olivia do great things! She helps others, less fortunate than herself, and feel good about it without wanting any recognition. 

I am proud to know and work with Ms. Olivia Brennan, game changer, agent of change, difference maker in this world”

We are so proud of Liv! Congratulations on your graduation!